We are a business advisory company that offers a well-structured and customised service which aims to improve the ‘business’ capabilities of our customers, for the purpose of facilitating customers business success.
We differential ourself through the following factors:
  • Integrates technology with new business systems to provide the means to a successful farm business.
  • Collaborates with other professionals to build business relationships and improve service through added perspective.
  • Provides business analysis and recommendation for enhanced business performance.
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  1. Recruitment & Selection

    Attracting, recruiting and selecting the right people with the skills, knowledge and ability to succeed within your business. Elements of this process include: Advertising, Recruiting, Selecting, Interviewing, Placement, Orientation

  2. Training and Development

    Training and development of employees is aimed at improving the performance of individuals and groups and in turn maximise their contribution to the overall effective performance of the business. Elements of this process include: Personal Training & Development Plans

  3. Performance Management

    The communication related to performance between an employer or manager and an employee should take place throughout the year as it is important in creating a performance culture within your organisation. The influence of a strong performance culture is instrumental in accomplishing farm objectives and KPI’s. Aspects of performance management include: Annual Performance Reviews; Disciplinary Procedures; Employment Relations; Individual Performance Management and Mentoring & Coaching employees

  4. Reward, Remuneration & Recognition

    These three R’s contribute to attracting, retaining and motivating people which helps reduce employee turnover, increases employee job satisfaction and ensures that employees are motivated to perform at an optimum level. Elements of this process include: Remuneration Advice & Structure; Reward Schemes; KPI development and Performance Based Incentives Schemes

  5. Health & Safety and Wellbeing

    Health & Safety is important in any business, but even more so in agriculture due to a recent spotlight being focussed on farm and forestry incidents and accidents. Building a positive attitude & culture amongst employees towards the safety and wellbeing of their co-workers as well as themselves creates a safe and positive working environment – where your employees will feel valued and secure and ensure the loss of productivity due to ‘time loss’ days are kept to a minimum. Aspects of a thorough Health & Safety plan include: Health & Safety Audits & Plans; Hazard Registers; Workplace Inductions and Health & Safety Training

  6. Administration

    In the current business operating climate managing all the additional Human Resource related administrative tasks can be time consuming, but are a necessity from a legal obligatory perspective. Tasks involved in Human Resource Administration include:Payroll Obligations and Regulations; Policy Development; Position Descriptions; Job Offers & Employment Agreements; Inducting employees; Exit Interview and Rostering schedules


Agriculture is New Zealand’s key primary industry and the backbone of the country’s economy. Having great people with the right knowledge, skills and attitude will create a strong foundation for your business. Managing people and maximising performance can be a challenging task for any employer; our focus is to work alongside you to improve the Human Resource Management aspects of your business.

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